Landy's Mobile Toilet Trailers is a mobile events equipment hire. The key differentiator in the market is service, consistency and reliability. Other than our VIP deluxe toilets, all of our products have the same designs and are supplied by the same suppliers.


Mobile deluxe toilets are mobile toilets designed on a trailer system used for events hire. This mobile toilet trailer is a fully self-contained, luxury range ladies and gents bi-pod. The bi-pod's interior is finished in a high gloss cromadec with aluminium trim. We manufacture our deluxe toilets for both sales and rentals. 


Each of the two cabins (males and females) is fitted with:


  • LED lights
  • hand flush
  • ceramic toilets
  • hand sanitizer
  • wash hand basins
  • solar power system
  • axel type: Single braked
  • recirculating electrical pumps
  • size (L x B x H): 3m x 2m x 2m


Functional advantages


  • Easy to clean = Always clean
  • Easy to move - Bi pod units are easily towed behind a 1-ton vehicle
  • Designed to work independently of water, power or sewerage supply


Tanks are filled with a specially formulated chemical solution to ensure the stability of the tank contents and the user friendliness of the facility. The chemical mix is based on natural products making the contents of the tank neutral and biodegradable. To clean, the tank is simply drained, flushed with fresh water a few times and finally filled to its correct level with chemicals and fresh water. Tanks need to be drained in a municipal sewer or septic tank.